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The Endoscopy Centre achieves JAG accreditation


12 May 2014

The Endoscopy Centre at The Wellington Hospital has JAG accreditation. The GI specialists at The Wellington Diagnostics & Outpatients Centre frequently utilise these facilities and offer patients investigations or treatment here where necessary. 

About the Centre
The Endoscopy Centre opened in its present location of the Central building in 1998, as a standalone service. Refurbishment plans started in November 2011, during which the unit relocated to South Building theatres to enable construction work to start. The unit was completely re-designed over two floors in line with JAG recommendations. After a period of six months the Centre reopened on July 4, 2011.

Following the opening of the refurbished Endoscopy Centre, the service has gone from strength to strength. As a result of the hard work from consultants, nursing staff, management and support staff; the unit has been awarded JAG accreditation, making The Wellington the first private hospital in central London to receive such an accolade. 

What is JAG accreditation?
JAG is the Joint Advisory Group on GI Endoscopy and in order to attain accreditation, the Centre must complete the JAG pathway. The process to gaining accreditation includes completion of theGRS census, an online assessment tool that enables endoscopy units to assess how well they provide a patient centred service. This is completed in both April and October, of which the unit must attain two consecutive scores of all Bs and As in order to apply for a JAG visit. 

The JAG visit to the Endoscopy Centre
Prior to the one day inspection, the Centre had to provide evidence against the answers given in the census. The process commenced 18 months before the inspection date and  involved the Senior Sister of Endoscopy, Carol Robb and Modern Matron, Michael Lendrum working hard to produce the information required to achieve accreditation.

Following a rather intense assessment day consisting of a presentation on the Centre, a walkthrough of “the patient journey”, following an Endoscope through the decontamination process and one-to-one interviews with staff, the visiting consultant and nurse assessor went away to make a decision and write up their report.

The report was then passed to the JAG Quality Assessment review panel, who approved their findings before the Centre was formally notified of the accreditation status. The Endoscopy Centre were delighted to discover that the full criteria had been met on the day and accreditation without any recommendations! 

What does this mean for The Endoscopy Centre?
The JAG accreditation not only represents the high standard of the service we provide for patients but also the hard work of our multi-disciplinary team. However, the hard work does not stop now! In order to maintain annual accreditation the centre must continue to complete the GRS Census every six months and have another inspection in five years’ time.

What does JAG accreditation mean for our Patients?
The JAG Accreditation Scheme is a patient centred and workforce focused scheme based on the principle of independent assessment against recognised standards. The scheme was developed for all endoscopy services and providers across the UK in the NHS and Independent Sector. 

Regulation of a clinical service is an important aspect to maintain to ensure the highest standards of quality are met. JAG accreditation means The Wellington can offer its patients a quality endoscopy service at a consistent level. Our JAG accreditation inspectors congratulated The Endoscopy Centre on the following aspects:

  • Well designed, bright and welcoming environment, which is a pleasure for both patients and staff
  • The service has introduced 'mood lighting' within the room to ease patient (and endoscopist) anxiety levels.
  • The recovery area consists of a series of individual pods each with ensuite toilet and showering facilities, which is excellent for patients.
  • All decontamination processes are carried out to a very high standard.
  • All patients are given a follow up appointment within 5 working days of their endoscopy to discuss their results.
  • There is well documented and evidenced training programme, which encompasses both mandatory and specialist training to a very high standard. 

The Wellington Hospital are very proud of this achievement by the Endoscopy Team, being the first independent hospital in Central London to achieve JAG accreditation. If you have any further questions the team will be happy to talk about any aspects of JAG accreditation just contact our Enquiry Helpline on 0207 483 5148 and they will connect you to the centre.   

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