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Headache & Facial Pain Clinic

Headache & Facial Pain Clinic

Headache problems can cause great concern, affect quality of life, and need careful specialist management. Our Headache and Facial Pain clinic provides patients with immediate access to specialist assessment and bespoke care.

We have brought together some of the most experienced neurophysiology experts in this field, along with state-of-the-art facilities, to provide an immediate dedicated holistic service. Our clinic is the only private Headache clinic available in North London.

We specialise in managing headaches, including investigations and analysis of what triggers headaches, acute headache episodes and ongoing monitoring of consistent headaches.

We can see a wide variety of conditions ranging from patients with constant headaches to cluster, tension and hypertension headaches, exertional headaches, migraine, facial pain, sinus headaches, menstrual headaches and Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ).

What happens at the Headache Clinic?

Each person will be seen by a Consultant Neurologist specialising in managing headaches. A comprehensive neurological assessment of the burden and impact on you will be undertaken. If your headache is linked to facial pain, disorders of the eyes or sinus problems, you may be referred for further assessment with the respective specialist. Pain management referrals may also be made, whereby an individual plan for managing pain can be implemented.  

We aim to give first-rate private central London healthcare, but in our friendly local centre. Same-day appointments are available, with most investigations done on site that day and reported within 24 hours.

Expert diagnostics

Our consultants are supported by leading radiologists and highly experienced senior radiographers and nurses. Our state-of-the-art imaging equipment helps to greatly speed up diagnosis.

A full range of investigations are available, including:


• contrast-enhanced MRI

• MRI myelography*

• CT

• cerebrospinal fluid analysis*

• cerebrospinal pressure monitoring*

• blood tests for autoimmune and inflammatory disorders

• blood and CSF analysis for full range of infections

• full endocrine profiles

• cerebral angiography

* available at The Wellington hospital.

Further specialist referral

The neurologist deals with most aspects of diagnosis and treatment for patients diagnosed with primary headache disorder, such as migraine. Where further specialist assessment is required, patients can be referred to experts within the team in the following clinical areas:

  • Ophthalmology - Where disorders of the eye or orbit are suspected or where ophthalmology expertise may contribute to treatment.
  • Maxillofacial surgery - In cases where facial, dental or jaw conditions may be present.
  • Otorhinolaryngology/ENT - For patients where sinus or related disease is suspected.
  • Pain Medicine - We provide individually tailored pain management plans


The multidisciplinary team will design an individualised management plan for each patient, according to best practice. Treatment will reflect the latest evidence as well as the needs and wishes of the patient. Key elements of the care package may include:

• lifestyle and headache trigger analysis and advice

• results of investigations

• on-going monitoring with headache diary

• specific headache diagnosis

• drug treatment, if required

• management of acute headache episodes

• gradual suppression of headache tendency


State-of-the-art treatments are available, including neuromodulation with:

• Muscle relaxant injections

• cranial nerve blocks (e.g. greater occipital nerve block)

• sphenopalatine ganglion block

• transcranial magnetic stimulation

• vagal nerve stimulation

• transcutaneous electrical stimulation


Management of headache crises can include:

• oral or intravenous medication*

• intravenous lidocaine*

• intravenous DHE*


On-going support

Monitoring and support is vital to patients. Our nursing support includes continued advice and support at every stage. For example, the nurses can offer guidance on:

• optimum self-management of headache

• avoiding lifestyle triggers

• monitoring and recording symptoms

• arranging further follow up and advice from consultants

The nurses also offer support over the phone on Mondays 3-4pm and Thursdays 10-11am.

Our Specialists

Our Clinic brings together a multidisciplinary team to provide an immediate dedicated holistic service. The team includes: Neurologists, Maxillofacial Surgeons, Ear Nose & Throat Specialists and Pain and Ophthalmology Consultants. The service is supported by highly skilled nurses, physiotherapists and psychiatric colleagues.  

Due to the complexity and cross specialty nature of such symptoms this team approach provides a safe, efficient and successful way to approach headaches and facial pain.

Our Clinic Consultants:

Our nursing team

Ms Nazila Noshad, Department Manager
Ms Johanna Stucker, Sister
Ms Naomi Sofer, Physiotherapist
Ms Susanna Goffin, Senior Staff Nurse

Make an Appointment

If you would like to make an appointment with one of our Headache and Facial Pain Consultants please contact the Enquiry Helpline on 0207 483 5148 or you can use our online Make an Appointment form

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